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The Value and Importance of Garage Door Warranties

02/17/2014 Back To Blog

Although the vast majority of  service providers in Fresh Meadows take care to ensure that their customers get the best products, there are always a few bad apples. Therefore it is important to have a warranty or guarantee that is recognized in New York, if only to protect yourself against any negative eventualities. Normally the garage door company will give you different terms for each part. This is because the varying degrees of wear and tear. The quotation is based on the experiences of the contractor but you can always negotiate for a substantial discount depending on the circumstances.Garage Door Contractor


The warranties should also be accompanied with maintenance

Typically a receiver has a shorter warranty period than a motor because of the differences in deterioration levels.  However the maintenance schedule also ensures that you do not have to summon your great  company all the time. The terms of the warranty may even specify that the maintenance has to be done to a certain standard. During the fitting you will need to check to ensure that there is no damage and that you are paying the right price.


Always reject inferior products

The specifications that are given by the garage door companies should be followed because they are part of the warranty. However each contractor and insurer will specify what their conditions are. A case in point is where there are insurers that will ignore a mark as long as it cannot be seen in natural light three meters away from the object. Read all the terms and conditions of the warranty in order to ensure that you are following them.


Do not order before you get the warranty

It is important to verify the existing of the warranty even as you consider the garage door prices that you will be paying. The regulations government consumer law in Fresh Meadows require the receipt as proof of purchase. There are other protections within New York but you must test them against the terms of your contract in order to get the right trouble-shooting procedures. It is all about taking steps to protect yourself and your family from damage.

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